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About Us

At Youmaa, a brand of Pakhi Commercial Pvt Ltd, we believe that childhood is a time of boundless imagination, where dreams have the power to shape the future. Our mission is to infuse every thread of our garments with the magic of childhood, creating extraordinary clothing that celebrates the wonder and innocence of this precious time. Our vision is to become a global leader in kids wear, known for our exceptional designs and commitment to quality. We strive to be a brand that sparks the imagination of children worldwide and leaves a trail of cherished memories in their hearts.


Crafted by Parents, Loved by Families

Youmaa is a brand of Pakhi Commercial Pvt Ltd. Our brand is more than just clothing; it's a reflection of our commitment to nurturing the imaginative spirit of children. We think the way kids think, and we're striving to turn their imaginative world into reality. As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of quality, comfort, and style in kids' clothing. We craft our designs with the same love and care that we give our own children, ensuring that each piece is not just a piece of clothing but a cherished memory waiting to be created.

  • Cloud Touch Microfibre
    Our clothes are like a gentle caress from a cloud. We use Cloud Touch Microfibre to ensure that every garment is as soft as a dream.
  • Adventure Ready Durability
    We understand that kids are explorers at heart. That's why our clothing is designed to withstand the wildest adventures. 
  • Parent Approved
    We take pride in being a brand that parents trust. We prioritize safety, quality, and practicality, so you can be confident in every Youmaa purchase.
  • 100% Skin-Friendly
    Our commitment to 100% Skin-Friendly fabrics ensures that every garment is crafted with materials gentle on your child's delicate skin, providing a safe and comfortable experience throughout their adventures.
  • Modular Styles
    Children grow and change so quickly, and we understand the need for flexibility. Youmaa offers modular styles that adapt to your child's evolving preferences and sizes. 

We invite you to explore a world where creativity knows no bounds, where childhood is cherished, and where quality meets whimsy.


Brand Values

At Youmaa, our values are deeply rooted in three pillars—Quality, Creativity, and Ethics. Youmaa is dedicated to sustainability, both for the well-being of your child and the planet. All our fabrics are 100% organic, reflecting our commitment to environmentally friendly practices. We prioritize ethical manufacturing processes, ensuring that every step of our production aligns with the highest standards of integrity and responsibility.


Brand Name and Meaning

A brand of Pakhi Commercial Pvt Ltd, the brand name "Youmaa" is derived from our parent company's name, UMA. It signifies a bond between the brand and its roots, representing the essence of craftsmanship and care. "You" emphasizes the focus on the customer, while "Maa" conveys the nurturing and maternal aspect. Crafted by parents and loved by families, Youmaa embodies the spirit of creating clothing with the same love and care that parents provide to their own children.


Youmaa’s Parent Community

Youmaa’s Parent Community is about being part of a space that understands parenthood. We're all about sharing parenting tips, genuine struggles, and personal experiences that resonate with every parent. Join us, because parenting is easier when we do it together.


Youmaa- A Celebrity-Led Brand 

Youmaa is proudly a celebrity-led brand! What does that mean? It means some of the biggest stars love our magical clothes for their kids, just like you do for your little ones. 


Our Brand Ambassador- Genelia Deshmukh

Our celebrity endorsements are more than just star power; they embody a deep trust in our brand. Genelia Deshmukh, a well-known figure and a devoted mother of two, holds Youmaa in high regard.

Here’s what Genelia has to say about Youmaa- "Being part of Youmaa means celebrating the joy, wonder, and innocence of childhood. It's a brand that resonates with the love and care every parent pours into their child's world. #LovedByGenelia”

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